typical day?

1318 coffee Sundayish, Nov 3.

5:00am finally at a stopping point for work. go to bed "saturday night" (which was actually 4am thanks to daylight savings) 9:00am wake up for church. realize I'm super sick. go back to bed 12:00pm wake up and realize I need to get ready for photoshoot. 1:00pm get on bart feeling majorly sick and definitely fighting a fever 1:30pm bart is delayed. 1:50pm get to the downtown sf 2:20pm get to photo shoot location, but I'm early, so I have brunch by myself. 3:00pm start amazing photoshoot goodness at Lands End trail. 5:30pm end photoshoot and embark on journey home (muni + bart) 7:10pm arrive in San Leandro. 7:20pm dinner time with the sister. 8:30pm get home. check emails. master plan a sunday to-do list. 8:32pm talk on the phone then work. 12:00am accidentally fall asleep. still feeling awful. 1:05pm wake up. work. feel awful. 5:00am write blog post. chug a nyquil. go to sleep.

end of day.

Though this isn't a typical day exactly, it's a good feel for it.  I usually go to bed at the wee hours of the morning (4am is early because I've actually been going to bed at 6 or 7am), wake up, start working, then work all the way up until I go to bed.  You'd think I'd run out of work, but I never do.  It's a conundrum, I know.  Nonetheless it's my life, and I'll edit if I want to.  :D