- I love Christmas

- I pretty much buy anything my friends buy/sell.

- I've watched Elf about 5 times today. I find myself talking along with the characters.

- I like nearly every movie Will Ferrell is in. Stranger Than Fiction and Old School are two of my fave movies. (And zoolander isn't so bad. :D )

- I drank three redbulls today. woops.

- I havent been awake during the day since Sunday morning, and that was just to talk on the phone. All my awake/working hours have been after sunset and before sunrise

- I like peppermint.

- I can't remember ever feeling constipated. because. i. am. regular. :D

- I've liked all my clients whose weddings I've photographed. Warm-hearted souls could describe most of them.

- I don't mind when people park at the end of the aisle in a parking lot because I enjoy the walk.

- I buy stuff online to try them on, then return them via the pre-paid shipping label if I don't like it.

- I collect prints (mostly typography stuff and photographs).

- I like sourdough bread. I crave sourdough bread.

- I get self-conscious sometimes when friends or family ask me to take their pictures. I wonder if they like my work or they know have a fancy camera.

- I can't wait to turn 30.

- I didn't love to read until I got to college. - I own and proudly wear an adult fleece onesie, footies and hood and all.

Merry Christmas!