my murtaugh list

I'm turning 30 soon. I'm so excited!  I've been looking forward to my thirties since my mid-twenties.  I can't believe it's finally here! I'm headed to Ireland and England to celebrate, and I'm amped!!! But before I leave on my (epic) adventure, I wanted to share my Murtaugh List. If you watch How I Met Your Mother, Ted references this list as basically all the things we're too old to do, Murtaugh being a reference to Lieutenant Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.

So here it is… a list of 30 things I'm too old to do.

My Murtaugh List

  1. Sleeping on anything that's not a bed (with maybe the exception of certain futons).
  2. All-nighters.
  3. Choosing sweatshirts and tshirts as regular wardrobe.
  4. Staying in hostels.
  5. Sight-seeing all day while traveling.
  6. Dating around.
  7. Being on my feet all day.
  8. Hanging out with friends who are only hang out friends.
  9. Drinking regularly or endlessly.
  10. Having kids (just kidding).
  11. Anything that requires a lot of energy.
  12. Eating whatever I want.
  13. Playing games. (the bad kind… not board games)
  14. Drama.
  15. Unhealthy friendships/relationships. (Thankfully my current friends and boyfriend are stellar.)
  16. Remembering things. (My memory is awful.)
  17. Getting anymore piercings. (I only have my ears pierced.)
  18. Talking on the phone without saying, "What did you say? I can't hear you."
  19. Having time.
  20. Spending more days out than in.
  21. Using Christmas lights as a year-round decorative element.
  22. Owning inflatable furniture (airbeds excluded).
  23. Going through the day without some desire to nap.
  24. Someone else paying my bills.
  25. Talking in pager code. I 143 u 637.
  26. Say yes to every invitation to hang out or "chill".
  27. Have questionable pictures on facebook.
  28. Going to bed after midnight. I feel awful whenever I do.
  29. Backpacking.  My back just can't handle it anymore.
  30. Being young. haha.

*The picture above is of my niece. Isn't she cute?! (And drooly!)