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1364 streets of ireland1 One of my favorite things to do while traveling is wandering. I'm a master of it, mostly because I often get lost. There's so much to see that's different from the states. I like to notice the subtle differences in new places.

Karen and I spent the rest of our second day (the first day was just traveling) on the hop-on-hop-off bus learning about the different sites in Dublin. We took the afternoon to visit the Jameson distillery.  While the distillery was fun, I thought it'd be more like brewery/wine tours I'm used to back home where you're touring the actual facilities where the drinks are made.  At the Jameson distillery we did learn a lot about the process of making Irish whiskey, but we only toured a mock up of what a real distillery was like.  At the end of our afternoon we headed to the Temple Bar area for some food and stumbled upon a very yummy restaurant.  I ate a meat pie that was sooooooooo delicious while we enjoyed some live music.

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