1367 around I thought I'd share some secrets today.

- I actually don't like traveling on planes. - I scrapbook. Actually it's a little obsession. - I wear pajamas all day. And if I go out, I change into my pajamas the moment I get home. (Also, did you know "pajama" originated from a Persian word?) - I have a hooded adult onesie that I love wearing. - I do happy dances all the time when I'm alone. - I sing to myself. - My answer to "Guess what?!" is almost always, "No." I'm not a fun of guessing. - I prefer that my main course and sides don't touch each other. And I especially don't like main courses and sides are on top of each other. (It weirds me out when there's sung or gravy on my rice. Or when my fish are on my chips.) - I like to spread out my toes. - I love stretching and yoga. - I like talking to cashiers. - I really, really, really love manatees. - I'm scared of snails. They really weird me out. - I once ate only corn for a week to win a bet. (I won $5.) - I've flown a plane before. - I once felt a baby camel kick inside its mother's tummy. - I got whooping cough in college.