Today is a get-work-done kind of day. It takes a lot for an introvert like me to feel energized.  Today is one of those perfect storms of energy.  I woke up "early" and I have nothing on the docket except staying home and working…which I love.  Usually when I have to leave my house for a meeting or hanging, my recovery from all that interaction takes a toll on my productivity.  But today I love that I can work all day uninterrupted.  It's a great feeling.

Today is a listen-to-the-civil-war kind of day.  I started off working to my "summer walk" playlist which is loud and upbeat, but the weather and my mood called for something a little more romantic and mellow.  So the Civil Wars.  Listening to the Civil Wars is one of my go-tos for editing music.

Today is a shorts-and-tank-top kind of day.  This is just the perfect weather for shorts and tank tops.  It's not too hot or too cold, but just right.  I just love California weather. Nothing really beats this weather.

Today is a cleaning-up-two-months-of-traveling-and-not-being-home kind of day. Oh. That's right. I'm very messy. Ug.  The thing about me is that I am very organized, so much so that it takes forever to clean because every little bit needs to be in its perfect place.  So when I'm traveling my space falls into shambles because I don't have time to make or keep it all "perfect".  But the good thing is when I finally get to cleaning, I love cleaning.  It's very destressing. And despite my pack-rat tendencies, purging is also quite therapeutic.

Today is a I-love-my-job-and-life kind of day. I really do love my job and my life.  There are very few moments when I'm discontented with it.  Having gone through a lot at the start of my business, I feel I've gained a better understanding of what it takes to feel happy…  Over the years that understanding has really helped me stay grounded.  I am really just so blessed to have my life.

Today is a eat-a-fudgesicle kind of day.  I have a love-hate relationship with chocolate.  But I'm most always a fan of the fudgesicle.  Summer + dessert on a stick = a good idea.

Today is a open-all-the-windows kind of day. I love the way the air smells in the summer, don't you?

Today is a great-day-to-start-the-week kind of day. Yay.  It certainly is a great start to the week. I love it!