long distance

1386 wicklow There's always something that triggers my erratic sleep schedule.  I struggle with maintaining normal sleep hours.  I tried to set time aside last week to "fix" what resulted from traveling every other week for two months.  I went to bed at reasonable hours at the beginning of the week, but then I just went back to sleeping during the day.  You see, there was a day that I stayed up all night editing and reading…. so late that I thought, "Oh… if I just stay up a couple more hours I can talk to Lance [who lives on the east coast] before he heads to work."   And that's when it all fell apart.  Pretty much since then I've stayed up until 5am working or reading or just being up to say good night/morning to him.  Then I proceeded to sleep until early afternoon.  Woops.  I suppose it's a small price to pay to talk to one's long-distance boyfriend.

Whenever anyone finds out that Lance lives in Virginia they ask how it is being in a long distance relationship.  Honestly it's hard at times, but I don't mind it much.  With all the traveling I do it feels like I'd be in a long distance relationship with anyone no matter where they lived.  And, thankfully, between our trips, I see more of Lance than some of my friends see their significant other.  (They see each other once every couple weeks because of their full time jobs, obligations and distances within the Bay Area.)  I think if anything our relationship is stronger due to the shear volume of how much we talk.  I get a lot of practice explaining my dry/deadpan humor and communicating my feelings (scary, I know).  All our emails and texts and phone calls and facetimes give us the opportunity to really get to know each other on a deep level.  So all things considered, I still feel pretty blessed to be in a relationship with this guy.

In fact just the other day he unclogged my shower drain from about 2500 miles away.  My shower was draining really slowly so I used Drano, which seemed to clog it further.  Then according to the directions on the back of the bottle, I poured more down the drain.  That, of course, made it completely clogged. It didn't drain at all.  When I called the Drano company (which has a satisfaction guarantee) they told me to call a plumber.  Great.  Instead, I called Lance, and with little thought he suggested I use a plunger.  Aha! Like that, the drain was completely unplugged.  Win.  He's across the country but still doing boyfriend-y things for me. Hurray!

Happy Monday! (I love Mondays.  Mondays are Saturdays.)