bun mee

I'm freezing my butt off here. Who knew the south could get this cold.  Last night it was 0 degrees, "feels like -12 degrees", and all I've been dreaming about is hot pho and won ton soup.  Living here reminds me a lot of living in SLO.  I'm surrounded by mostly white people, and good asian food is almost nonexistent.  I remember the drives from SLO home, anxious for some dim sum and cha siu baos.  I'm hoping… praying I can find some decent asian food around here. I met an asian guy who was born and raised in Birmingham, so surely he must know of something yums here.  In the meantime I'll salivate over the vietnamese sandwiches I'd eat on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.  After my shoots in Pacific Heights I'd walk down the street and have lunch (then visit paper source.)

Bun Mee isn't the most authentic Vietnamese food, but it sure hit the spot after mornings of shooting.


p.s. If you were wondering… I can't even make won ton from scratch because I can't find ground pork anywhere. I forgot from my SLO days that it was an asian thing.


Bun Mee, 2015 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. November 21, 2014 | Canon 5d markii, 50mm 1.2L