dorm life

1409 muir woods01 This really should be a post from 2003 because freshman year in college should have been the only time I lived in a dorm.  But alas it's 2014, I'm 30, newly married and I live on the ground floor of a freshman woman's residence hall.  I'm living the life, as you can tell.  But really, I kind of love it.

Lance is the Residence Life Coordinator at a private university, and one of the many perks is that we get to live on campus! It's really such a blessing to be able to start off our life in a furnished apartment.  We live in a cozy little apartment with high ceilings and  northern light.  What a deal, right?  Lance oversees freshman housing, so that's why we're living in the freshman residence halls.  Sometimes I wonder if I blend in with the young'ns.

Some fun things to note about living on campus… - Starbucks & the US Post office are in the building right next to us. - The internet is super fast. What used to take me hours to upload now takes minutes. - There's beautiful buildings everywhere. - We always have hot water. - I can take long showers and keep the heat on all day. - I feel very safe. There's security 24 hours a day. - Lance can just walk to work. - I'm doing well on my step-count on my fitbit.

All in all dorm life is pretty good. My roommate does snore, though, but I think I'll keep him.  Follow our adventures on instagram at #theBirminghands


Muir Woods. March 2, 2014 | Fuji x100s