The Room by Jonas Karlsson

I'll admit that I chose this book based on it's cover having no idea what it was about. When I started reading I was immediately intrigued. Bjorn has just transferred to a new job when the story behinds.  He's navigating his department's social hierarchy (ultimately deciding he's superior to his peers in every way) when he stumbles on a curious room.  He finds relief and heightened efficiency in his work in this room, but the book continues as his reality of the room clashes with his coworkers.  At some point I started to wonder whether his stark confidence was based on reality or if he was just completely delusional.

The Room is complex and smart and a wonderful departure from some of the books I normally read. I loved how Karlsson leads you through the book believing one thing and slowly makes you question everything you've just read.  The Room blurred the line between reality and dream-life and explored the extent to which ones goes to escape the stresses of life.  What would you do to escape?

I'd recommend this to anyone who's ever worked in a cubicle and felt like the guy in Office Space.   

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*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.