Vestavia Hills Library

One of Lance and my favorite activities to do together is read.  We love reading and we love reading together.  But along with reading comes our habit of buying books.  In the past we were pretty good about buying only cheap or used books, but still, buying books gets expensive.  So thankfully, we discovered the library! (Yeah, I know. Why didn't we think of that earlier??! We've been thinking the same thing!)

Anyway, we applied for our Jefferson County library cards and our lives have been changed forever. Okay. Maybe that was a little overdramatic, but it has changed our lifestyle. Our library card gives us access to 40 different libraries, so we can pretty much get any book we want. Sometimes we have to wait, but it's well worth it.

Vestavia Hills Library, also named the Library in the Forest, is our base library.  Any time we request a book, it gets sent there and all we need to do is drive down the road to pick it up.  I love our library.  It's literally in the woods and even has a hiking trail behind it.  It has a handful of different reading spaces including a fireplace area, an outdoor courtyard and a cantilevered porch.  It's beautiful.  The building's even LEED accredited which makes my architect heart melt.

The library really has improved our lifestyle.  We read more and enjoy all the different amenities our libraries offer.  Books make your life better. Read a book!

p.s. When I pick up my books on hold they're labeled "Mega Hand". heehee. I love it.

Vestavia Hills Library, the Library in the Forest, Birmingham, AL. April 8, 2015 | Fuji x100s