Last night was an adventure. 

Lance and I are headed to California tomorrow (yay!). But we each have so much work... like an insane amount of work.  Yesterday we hadn't even started packing when the power went out.  Turns out 88,000 customers in Northern Alabama were experiencing power outages due to the storm, and lucky us, we were one of them. 

Of course, just when I needed the power to get work down and bear down on my long to-do list the power goes out.  I was stressed a bit at first. How I was going to finish everything before out trip?  How was I going to work? How long would the power be out?? I was silently freaking out inside.

Then Lance showed me the twitter of Alabama Power (which powers a most of Alabama).  Alabama Power's twitter feed was filled with witty and kind tweets from "Toni".  People were complaining left and right, and she just kept calmly responding.  If you have a chance, you should read some of her tweets. They're hilarious.  Their tweets helped me embrace this little adventure of ours.

A bit more relaxed, I took advantage of the blackout. I rested and read and just let myself enjoy this break.  It was good. When we finally got power back I got so much done! I was refreshed and ready to work.  I'm still trying to tackle my to-do list, but that blackout got me in such a good mood.  It was so great to take a break. 

See you soon, California! 

p.s. Here's an interesting post about the benefits and reasons for taking a break


Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee. June 17, 2015 | Fuji x100s