settling in to a new school year.  School's started here at Samford and the campus is filled with students.  I'm adjusting to all the people and excitement that comes with a new school year.  I'm looking forward to what this year holds for me and lance. 

searching for a car. Our little explorer died on us, so Lance and I are on a the search for new car for our little family.  It's been fun researching and searching and comparing.  

preparing for my photography class tomorrow. I'm excited for the class tomorrow.  I really want to help people get better at their photography skills.  I love it! 

nursing a root canal. Long story short, my tooth got infected from an old filling so a root canal was in order.  Funnily, I was on my way to the dentist when our car started smoking.  So thanks to Lance's RAs who drove me to the dentist and endodontist. I'm patched up and running on pain killers and anti-biotics. It sounds much worst than it actually is. 

reading slowly. With all the chaos of the past few weeks I've been slacking on my reading.  I just haven't found the right groove. I'm kind of in a reading funk.  The last few books I've read were good, but I wasn't really into them  like I normally am.  

dreaming of our next adventure. It seems Lance and I haven't been on an adventure in a while.  With me going to California without him, I'm aching for our next trip together.  Hopefully we can take a beach trip before the weather gets cold.  We hadn't got much of a chance to enjoy the beaches at the Gulf yet. 

thinking of the past year. It's almost a year since Lance proposed and about two years since we started talking.  God's showed us great things over the course of our relationship, and I seriously marvel at how blessed I am to have Lance in my life. 

listening to "my soulful heart" playlist. This playlist is a good mix of melodic songs that reflect my mood these days.  It's been raining and muggy all week. I will be happy when it all clears up! 


Great Smoky Mountain National Park. June 18, 2015 | Fuji x100s