Old Baker Farm

A couple weeks back Lance and I went to Old Baker Farm with his parents and our friends to go pumpkin picking.  It was quite the experience.  There was a corn maze, a hay ride, cotton fields, a confederate camp re-enactment...and of course, pumpkin picking. 

For those of you not from California, I'd just to add a little side note.  There are pumpkin patches, corn mazes and hay rides in California.  I've just never did it while I was there.  It seems southerners have just as many misconceptions about California as Californians do about the south.  I think southerners forget how much farmland is in California. Fun fact: I went to a school with acres of farmland and our cowboy team was ranked number 1 in the west. Go Poly.

Anyway, it was such a fun adventure.  We all got pumpkins.  Lance got a particularly pretty pumpkin.  I got a semi-big pumpkin, which I, of course, couldn't carry so Lance carried it for me. Unlike some other pumpkin picking places I've seen, we were picking the pumpkins from the actual pumpkin patch.  We had to climb and navigate through vines and bushes and I loved it. 


Old Baker Farm, Harpersville, Alabama. October 10, 2015 | Fuji x100s, iPhone 6, Fuji Instax Mini