On Being on a Podcast

Muir Woods

Anyone who knows me knows I love making lists. I make lists for everything.  Of course I even made a bucket list for my business.  I already crossed off get published in a book and have my work in a newspaper and a myriad of other things. Well another item on my business bucket list is be on a podcast!

Thanks to Samantha Johnson and her Tiebreakers Podcast, I'm on a podcast!  Tiebreakers features people who made a big transition between traditional jobs to more creative pursuits and discusses how they made the big switch. Samantha herself was once a lawyer when she realized she didn't like it much.  With me we talked about how I went from being an architect to photographer and pretty much how I ended up where I'm at.  It was so exciting and fun and amazing and thrilling.  I was on a high after I finished the interview.  

If you have some time, check out my interview on the Tiebreakers Podcast! (And please don't mind my awkwardness!)


Muir Woods National Monument, CA. July 17, 2015 | iPhone 6