Point Arena | that seaside town.

The other weekend three girlfriends and I took a long trip up the California coast to a cute little town called Point Arena. If you follow me on instagram, you'd see how charming the whole area was.  A drive that should have only taken 3.5 hours but our gps routed to this small road, Fish Hook Road, which someone later told us was not a road at all.   Most of the road was unpaved, and let me tell you this, I was miserable in the back seat with car sickness.  The road seemed to go on forever through the mountains as we drove in pitch black darkness and rain.  When we finally made it to our cabin, the lady at registration told us that it was a good thing we took Fish Hook Road because the main road was closed due to rain.  Our little detour took us about two to three extra hours of driving, but had we kept on the main road we would have reached a dead end, had to turn back around and still taken Fish Hook Road.  And that definitely would have cost us at least three more additional hours.  It was totally a blessing that we took that crazy, windy Fish Hook Road. The next day we took a walk around the Point Arena Lighthouse, which are the pictures shown below.  I was in awe of how beautiful it was.  I think fog makes everything more beautiful.  While walking around the cliff, we even saw a few seals (or maybe they were sea lions) swimming around.  It was really beautiful, and I had so much fun.