Red Mountain Park

We had had a long week, but I had my heart set on going on a hike that Saturday. This is the first year I lived anywhere where it's truly fall.  Around now it's usually still warm and still green in California.  With all the beautiful fall colors and leaves everywhere in Birmingham, I didn't want to miss my chance to hike through fall-colored forests.  I wasn't sure when it'd end, but I knew it was going to.  So I urgently asked Lance if we could go hiking.  Even though Lance was exhausted, he graciously agreed to go. 

When we started our hike at Red Mountain Park, I wondered if we had made a mistake.  It started to drizzle a bit, but for anyone of you who've lived in Birmingham for any length of time, you know it could start and stop raining at any time despite what the forecast claimed.  But we decided to power through, and thankfully the sprinkling stopped.  We'd hiking through most of the west side of the park, so this time we embarked on the east side to Grace's Gap Overlook stopping at Riley's Roost and Rushing Rendezvous Treehouses .

The hike was really everything I dreamed of.  Fallen leaves littering our paths, hazy sounds as wind bristled through trees, and a lovely crispness in the air. Red Mountain Park is generally flat so it was a very easy hike. It has a lot of historical spots throughout the park, so it's also good for anyone like us who loves history.  

What I love about Red Mountain Park is its beautiful views of Birmingham.  Throughout the park are treehouses, and who doesn't love a good treehouse? My favorite spot on this particular hike was Rushing Rendezvous Treehouse.  It's just so fun and beautiful; I feel like a kid exploring it.  There's a shaky, but strong suspension rope bridge that takes you to the Treehouse.  And the view was breathtaking!


Red Mountain Park, Alabama. October 31, 2015 | Fuji x100s