Be Bold

Remember my post "My 5 Game-Changing Takeaways from The Collective of Us" with Cyndie Spiegel? Well, she's opening up applications for new members to The Collective of Us.  The Collective of Us is an exclusive community of supportive and caring creatives and entrepreneurs.  You should really read my 5 game-changing takeaways to see everything I learned and gained by being a part of this community. And to get a taste of everything you'll learn by joining The Collective of Us,  Cyndie's putting on an amazing FREE 3-part "Bold: Permission Granted to Thrive" Video Training Series.

Coincidentally, her first video, "Fearlessness is a Unicorn" (I had no idea that was the topic!) came out the day after my post, "It's All at Your Fingertips" about choosing fearlessness. It talks about squashing the idea of “fearlessness” and becoming curious instead. In that first video you'll discover:

  • The truth about being fearless and how to kick butt in ALL areas of your life
  • How to live in the presence of fear and use it to leap forward
  • KEY exercises that will change the way you use fear to live more boldly in everything that you do

If my post about choosing fearlessness resonated with you at all, but you were at a loss as to how to practically overcome fear and embrace fearlessness, this video is definitely for you.  Cyndie is so good about breaking things down into practical, actionable items that you easily apply to your life and business.

Her second video, "“Rock Your Awesome - EXACTLY As You Are" which aired yesterday discusses feeling so empowered that you're confident in creating what you want in life. In this video Cyndie's revealing:

  •  Key tools to accept who you are, flaws and all AND how you can use those perceived flaws as the ticket to your success
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others and become even stronger because of the success of others, rather than in spite of them

So if you want no-BS, legitimate advice that you can listen to and implement right away - then this is series for you!

I'm most excited about Cyndie's third video which comes out tomorrow, March 17.  Cyndie is going to share the key to creating a successful business and life, collectively. For me, being a part of The Collective of Us is everything.  Not only did I get valuable guidance and a kick-in-the-pants from Cyndie, but I got so much support and advice from the community of The Collective of Us. In this video she goes into the nitty gritty detail as to how to stop feeling so alone in our creative careers and how to create awesome instead, together! In this video you'll find:

  • The truth about building a tribe for your small business success
  • How to build the right type of tribe for your specific goals and business
  • Finally, I’ll offer you one key component for collectively aligning your voice inside with the work that you do in the world

Honestly, Cyndie and The Collective of Us totally turned my business around and gave me new perspective about how to run and grow it.  If you really want to know how you can do the same for your life and your business, you should totally watch these videos!  And as a bonus, on March 17, 5pm EST Cyndie will be hosting a LIVE call where you can ask her anything you'd like about these videos and exercises. Grab a seat while you can!

P.S. This is an amazing free video series that I'm sharing because I totally believe in Cyndie and The Collective of Us.  While I do not receive any payment for promoting this video series, I will receive a small commission if you decide to join The Collective of Us. Cyndie is an incredible source of inspiration and strategy for many women including myself and business, and I want to share the love. I'd honestly promote her and The Collective of Us with or without the commission. It's really that good. 


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