the mango.


When I started shooting weddings I also started editing for an experienced and talented photographer.   I learned so much from him.  Editing for him fed my love for travel and funded my growing business.  Over the years through my ups and downs he's supported me in so many ways.  From guiding me in my own business to sharing his insurance guy with me to sending me to workshops and conferences.  My editing and photography reached this point largely due to him.   So when he handed me a mango last week I started to think...

I meet a lot of photographers who think they know something and actually they don't know anything. (We've all been there.)  But I truly feel like this guy actually does know something.  Most everything I've learned from him I've learned to be true or the best way to do something.  No matter how successful he becomes he continues to be generous with his time and knowledge (and evidently also his mango supply).

And if only everyone had a mentor-of-sorts like him I think the photography community would be a lot better.


p.s. When I pick up that mango to check its ripeness I think of that "Sex in the City" episode where Carrie has jury duty and sits next to a man who pulls a mango out of his briefcase.  It makes me happy to think of. :)