bead extravaganza.

Hi. I love beads. On my most recent trip visiting my boyfriend, I went bead crazy. There are three main bead stores, which I think is a lot, considering how small the town is. It was really great. I got to talking to one of the bead ladies, and she told me a great story. There's this wall in the store covered in strands of beads. There are many varieties, but only a couple of strands of each. There's a lady in town who's collected a ton of beads over the years, and she's decided to purge and sort through all the beads. Well, all those beads on the wall were once hers; she sold her beads to the store. The beads I bought are just beautiful and very special because I think I'd have a hard time ever finding them again. Sooooooo as promised... here are the goodies I've snaggged!!!! 010bead01.jpg









soon, these babies will be beautiful earrings!