collecting inspiration

I have been recently blessed by so much inspiration that I have not been able to post! Can you believe it? I have many projects in the works right now. 1. Although I have not sold any of my jewelry on Etsy yet, I'm still excited to make jewelry even if no one buys it. So.... I'll be uploading even MORE jewelry on Etsy soon. I mean.... 20 cents to post each of my pieces on Etsy??? I can't pass up the opportunity to give away my growing collection of jewelry. *Click on the image below to find out more about my Etsy shop null

2. I've been slowly preparing some super secret spy packages for my friends as they prepare for finals and what not. What better than finding an encouraging package in the mail when you're pooped out by finals and projects?

3. I found these wonderful little guys on the internet the other day. Obviously, the first thing I did was go to Home Depot and raid their inventory of paint samples. But... I'm slightly adapting the 10 minute project to my own! *Click on the image below to find out more about this project. null

4. I've been trying to go on adventures. And, because my wonderful cousin, who I'd usually like to go with on these adventures is on an internship in Shanghai, I've picked the next great person, my boyfriend! Last time he visited, we went museum exploring. Next time he visits... it's off to the junkyard!

5. Oh yeah... and I've been screen printing!!!!!!!

With some great encouraging from my sister-in-law... I remembered to post today! I'll be keeping up with this little buddy of a blog much more often this March. And, of course, I'll be posting pictures of my many projects!! See you all soon!