so, the recap.

As I might have said in a previous post, I had had a fabulous weekend. (This is the weekend of April 26th) Although I do not have pictures of the entire fabulous weekend, I do have a few bits of it.

It was one of my sisters' 30something birthday. Her birthday celebration was filled with sushi, japanese food, bowling, ice cream, games and pizza! I don't have pictures from that... but I do have pictures from my next activity!

My boyfriend's colleague took us to a Giant's game. It was great. Our seats were very close and behind homeplate. There were even waiters taking our orders for food. It was a jolly good time. And... the Giant's lost! Woohoo. I like the Athletics, so of course I'll always root for the other team at a Giant's game.

And the Reds beat the Giants. Hurray! Cincinnati