If you know me or been reading my blog for any period of time, you know I love bookstores.  When I was in California, I dropped in on Chronicle Books and got to talking with one of the employees.  We talked about all sorts of things, books, bookstores, book sales, used books... the works.  And it was she who suggested I visit the Russian Hill Bookstore.  It's located on Polk Street just a few stores down from Saint Frank Coffee

What I loved about Russian Hill Bookstore was that it was quintessentially San Franciscan.  It carried a wide variety of books and had just a quirky, laid back kind of feel.  It was pretty busy for a weekday afternoon.  I bought a few cards from their generous section of letterpress cards.  This is the kind of place where I'd curl up on the floor and read in one of their cozy corners.  

1450 russian hill bookstore15.JPG

Russian Hill Bookstore, 2234-2230 Polk Street, San Francisco. April 15, 2015 | Canon 5d markii 50mm 1.2L 

Muir Woods Engagement Photography | Renee & Brian

This is just a teaser from Renee & Brian's session, but I already had trouble narrowing down my faves.  We explored Muir Woods, some off-the-beaten-path trails and the Mission District for their engagement session.  I had so much fun with them, I can't wait to go through all their images!

the fog.

I love the fog. I wish I was some sort of writer that you could refer to as that writer who is known for writing about fog.  I want to be that person.  Because I am that person who sits and watches and soaks in the fog.  I could sit among it all day if I could.  I would make it my perfect spot for reading.  My only spot for thinking.  The place where I'd retreat when I was sad, and the place I'd run to scream out my success.  The fog feels like home.

On my adventure with Jensine, we were lucky to see the sun rise over the Bay Area then we were doubly lucky that same morning to see the city still covered in its layer of fog.  We headed over to Lands End in search of a labyrinth but I also found myself.  I found the spot.  I found the spot I've been thinking of all week.  The spot which I want to spend endless foggy mornings reading.  The spot I want to plan my takeover of the world.  The spot I want to share picnics with the one I love.

If you could, you'd want to be there with me, too.  It was amazing.

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San Francisco Maternity Session | Denise & Ryan

It must be baby season. I don't know if it's a coincidence or what but the beginning of this year was full of babies and pregnant ladies.  And strangely enough, I don't have any baby/maternity clients during wedding season.  I really love pregnant ladies and babies, so I was happy to photograph Denise and Ryan for their maternity session a couple months back.  Ryan, a man after my own heart, is an architect.  He chose all these wonderful spots that any architect would truly love.  We started at Bernal Heights Park, with it's magnificent view of the city, then headed to Lands Ends where we took a peace stroll along the side of the coast.

It was such a beautiful day, and I loved seeing them again!

San Francisco | Adventures with Kelly Purkey pt. 2

When Kelly asked me to photograph her she said I could pick a location I've always wanted to shoot at.  I immediately thought of the Daily City Bart Station.  I have absolutely always wanted to photograph someone there with the fog.  If you've ever been to Daily City or Daily City Bart you know that it is always cold.  No matter what the weather is like anywhere else, it's always cold and overcast.  Of course the one day of the year it's not overcast is the day I shoot there.  You can't tell, but it was still pretty cold.  The New Yorker (/Chicago Resident/Michigan Native) Kelly said it was warm.  It probably was warm.  I'm always cold. This session with Kelly was probably one of my favorites of all time.  Everything came out better than I imagined.  I loved shooting these photographs.  I loved editing them.  super. fun. amazing.