renegade your heart out

I had the pleasure of going to the renegade craft fair a bit ago. It was magical. Because I missed the Maker Faire, this craft fair was that much more wonderful. The venue was at Fort Mason, and boy was it beautiful! The warehouse was spacious and bright, perfect for showcasing the work of so many talented vendors.

I really wish I had jotted down the names of the vendors.... i hope someone can comment to credit the work of these people... eeks.....

Here are some fabulous teacup light fixtures. Very clever and quite beautiful.

These little guys make me super happy

The artist who created these shirts is just sooooo clever--using the sleeves as ruffles. So beautiful. I covet this shirt most definitely

I love this postcard lady. She had such a vibrant personality, even through the postcard-vending-machine-cover-thing. Yay!!!

I'll have to post later on the wonderful things I picked up at the fair!