Big Baby

I am pretty much the biggest baby when I get sick. Here's the twist. I'm a real big baby when I'm kind of sick, like I might have a cold or my nose is kind of running or when I'm on my period. When I'm actually seriously sick, I'm in denial. "No, I'm ok. I think I'll be ok" I suspect this is one of those times. I thought I just had a sore throat. I thought I was just sore from walking around too much. I think I am really sick.

But here's a funny antidote. When I was in college I got sick often. One time I was sick for three months, and I was in denial about just how sick I was. I was also super busy, so I didn't go to the doctor as much as I should. By the end of the three months, I had had five ear infections, two sinus infections, one eye infection, and here's the kicker and the reason I was sick for so long....whooping cough. haha. The moral of this story?? Take care of yourself and go to the doctor. =)  You just might have whooping cough.  hahah.