My Dad Fairy.

I describe my dad as "a man's man" and that he's always showing love through his actions. (I think that's why I buy stuff and do stuff for people when I want to show them I love them). Anyway, recently a few things about my dad stick in my mind and make me laugh. Here are a few 1. On the way to work, he's listening to the news and sports on the radio, but at night and when he's coming home from work, he's always listening to KOIT, easy listening. So when I pop into his car, Sarah McLachlan and Kelly Clarkson are often blasting in his car. Cute, huh? Keep in mind, my dad is very manly and plays sports and sometimes watches wrestling. 2. He keeps my bathroom tidy. He is my bathroom fairy. I never have to refill anything. He refills my toilet paper before it runs out. He fills up my liquid soap container.  And he takes out my trash.  Sometimes I even find new bottles of shampoo or shower soap that he or my mom have left me. yay. 3. He cashes all my checks and mails my stuff/packages for me.

wonderful.. !