Coffee shops.

I like coffee shop people. They're nice. They're often quirky... and often some sort of artistic.

I'm sitting at Gizzi Coffee in Greenwich Village... minding my own business. I'm working some work for Junshien, drinking a strawberry italian soda and eating a "Grizzi Pear" salad sans the pear plus apple. As I sit here and type, there's a super hott guy drawing in his mid-size moleskine and staring at me. At this moment I realize, people look ugly when they eat salad. Or at least I do. I can't eat a salad without something falling out or hanging out of my mouth. Maybe these salad bits are too big, but I don't have a knife to make it smaller!

Oh the death to this salad. It's so tasty but making me look like an animal in front of this hottie. Curses!

p.s. did I mention that I frequent coffee shops but haven't drank coffee since 2002?