think it through.

Last night I jetted here to New York from the Bay Area. I managed to get flights Bay Area to New York to Texas back to Bay Area for a total of under $300. (I think I am the master of traveling cheap) Anyway, my ticket from the Bay Area to New York was significantly cheaper than any ticket, so I bought it! But I hadn't really thought it through when I bought it. Usually I don't have any snafus with my flights, but this time was an exception.... here they are.... - this ticket had a layover, which isn't bad... but in this case it was bad because my flight was a red-eye. I had to wake up at 3am to switch planes. - My flight arrived in New York at 9am... a whole day of exploring. bad=my friend is at work, so I had to carry my suitcase with me everywhere - There was a row of 9 seats on the plane. When I booked the ticket, I thought if I sat directly in the middle of the row, no one would pick the two seats next to me. wrong. this plane was packed.

on a side note: my flight from chicago to new york (5am) was 90% white males in business suits. the other 10% were unkempt european tourists. and on another side note: I think it's cute when food workers call me babe, honey, sweetie...etc.