I am blessed.

I am so blessed... and here's why..... At 3:30am EST this morning I took a cab to LaGuardia airport from Manhattan. I chatted it up with the taxi driver and got to the airport for $22.10! But when I looked for my wallet I realized I didn't have it. I frantically called my friend to look for it at her house. The taxi driver stopped the meter and so patiently waited as I looked for it. I ended up having to go all the way back to Manhattan. My friend paid for the cab fare and we went to look again through her bedroom. When I finally gave up, she went to the bathroom and found it on the counter! whew! I got to the street corner and it was pouring rain. An off-duty taxi picked me up because "he couldn't stand to let a woman stand in the rain" and drove me to an on-duty taxi driver to take me to the airport. Needless to say, I still made it to my 6:15am flight.

Thank you... ...to the first taxi driver who was so patient with me as I looked for my wallet ...to my girlfriend who woke up at 4am to look for my wallet and pay my cab fare ...to the empty seat next to me on my layover to Chicago ...to the second taxi driver who didn't want me to wait in the rain