The kind of heart

So I'm sitting in the airport at 10pm, waiting for my 6am flight the following day. This is the second time I've been in this situation. For one reason or another I just can't get to the airport for the early morning flight, so I'll head out the airport the night before. Anyway, I'll sit in the area around the ticket counters until security and the ticket counters open in the morning. This particular night I ran into Doug. He's the head night security person here at the airport, and if you can imagine, my kind of person... a very old, pump, jolly man. (I love old people). He's on a segway, but he should really have a walker or wheelchair and zooms past me with a cheerful "Good night!" at midnight. I flag him down and ask him about how can I get internet. He tells me he'll go find out because he doesn't know.

Before I know it, he's back and he tells me I can go to the "Observation Deck". This is an observation deck that is all loungy with art displayed everywhere and super comfy chairs. It's just real pretty. Anyways, it's closed for the night, but he says I can go up there. There are a few military men up here, but it's super safe, quiet, there's internet and Doug comes back to check on me.

Three lessons learned... - There's no harm in asking. - Chivalry is not dead. - Politeness goes a long way.

This is what this place looks like during the day. (image from here)