I am a creature of routine.... sorta.

The more I travel, the more I have this packing thing down to a science.  I have little pods and bags that I know I need to fill.  Usually I pack for half the number of days I'm traveling... knowing I'll wash clothes or buy clothes. :)  I have my bag for toiletries I know I just need to fill.  A bag for journaling. :)  A bag for electronics.  A bag for cords.  A bag for cameras.  I just throw everything into it's respective bag and throw the bag into my suitcase (and in this case, a backpack.) When I have a flight, I try not to sleep the night before so I can pass out on the plane.  Like most nights before I fly, I am sitting here mostly packed, trying to unpack so I don't bring to much junk, and watching a movie.

Tonight's movie is one of my new faves and my inspiration to blog. Julie and Julia.

Well... I am off to the airport to go to Peru in four hours!

RPTE 42: Living on Water

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 17: Cambodia

On the last day of our stay in Cambodia, we embarked on a journey with our tuk-tuk drivers to a town built on a river. We traveled through the water in our boat, amazed by the homes that were either built on stilts or floating directly on the water.  Thanks to Richelle and her candy and her big heart, children flocked to us.

Be sure to click on the images below for a better view.

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It never hurts to ask

As I said in a previous post, I arrived at 10pm the night before for my 6am flight. I was so stoked to get on my flight to Seattle to see my fams. I had a short layover in San Francisco, and when I boarded the plane realized I had an empty seat next to me and the guy in my row was really fun. It was was going to be a glorious flight.

Then the ominous voice of the pilot over the intercom crackles over vibrant chitter chatter of passengers. "Err. zzz... Chhhck.. Er.. zz. There are mechanical problems with the plane. We are looking in to it. Please stand by for an update. zzz chcchhhhk. zz." You could feel an overwhelming sigh muster through the cabin. The pilot back on the speaker... everyone needed to deboard the plane, pick up their checked luggage and rebook their flights.

A mad rush of frustrated travelers clammered through the terminal to baggage claim and ticket counters. I was thoroughly frustrated, fearing a middle seat squeezed between two "healthy" people. As I waited in line, I wondered if I'd get a free ticket. Finally it was my turn at the ticket counter and the agent was more than rude to my innocent questions. I tried my best to politely voice my concerns, including my frustration that I had been inconvenienced, but I could tell the more questions I asked Ms. Megan Tress, the more she grew annoyed with me.... (They kept telling me I wouldn't get compensated even though I knew I my original flight was more expensive than the one I was being put on, there wasn't anything I could do and I wasn't Premier Status. A bit annoying.) They said the airline wasn't going to refund me anything. Poop. However, I did get a new flight through Chicago... departing three hours after my original flight.

(side note: I really wasn't that upset... I was just REALLY tired. I hadn't slept since two nights before)

I rarely have problems with United, so when I reached the terminal of my new flight, I immediately wrote a polite, frustrated email explaining how I was inconvenienced (I chose my original flight because it flew directly to SFO so I could sleep for the six hours straight, SFO doesn't have as many delays as Chicago in my experience, it was mostly empty....). I asked politely if they could compensate me for my inconvenience.

Less that 24 hours later, United sent me a $200 voucher. (Mind you, my original round trip ticket was only $220).

Lesson: It never, never hurts to ask.

image from here.

Your Ex-Lover is Dead.

I watched "So You Think You Can Dance" the other night and was super inspired by Ellenore and Ryan's dance to "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars. I'm just sitting here in the terminal. Five hours later from when I moved to the uber quiet and safe Observation Deck. Seven hours later than when I arrive at the airport. Nine hours after I left my friend's house to get to the airport. Thirteen hours after I wandered the streets of Georgetown... and so on. This has been a long week, and although I can't believe I've been gone for a week, with nearly a week of traveling to go, with only one week at home until I travel to Thailand/Cambodia, then three weeks over there, I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything.

God has blessed me in so many ways. I lost some things since college that were so important to me. My freedom. My Love. My job. I still miss it all. I still cry about my losses. I still complain. But through it all, it amazes me that if I lived on my own, was in a relationship and was tied to my career I could have never been blessed by these opportunities. I've met so many people along my journey while I searched for a job, edited in coffee shops, flew in airplanes, went on blind dates, got lost.

If God had said to me, "Meg, if you give me everything important to you, I'll give you the world...." I don't think I would give any of it up for the opportunities I now have. Strange to think, huh? What would you do?

I'm not going to lie. When people say "I wish I could travel", I usually say, "I wish I had a job." TImes when I'm exhausted or my feet are sore or I miss my bed, I can't believe I'm still traveling. I have my moody moments when I'm stoked for the life I have and other moments I'm crying my heart out because I don't feel like I'm making progress in life. But I guess that's what I love about this blog... I'm using to help me sort through life.

(Back to the song, "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead", my ex-lover (who is dead) is my old life, the one I thought I wanted.  Instead, I'm trying to delight in the life God's been leading me through)