I had this friend in the military. I met him freshman year of college when he came down to SLO to visit friends, and we've been friends since. He was studying at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey and would come down every year to visit. Every time he came he brought a posse of men. After the DLI he headed off to Westpoint and still came to visit with his buddies. Anyways, when he was at the DLI he was studying and preparing to be a special operations person or something. He wanted to be in the CIA and often talked about secret agents, the pentagon and what nots. So while in Washington, D.C., I decided to visit the Pentagon. The thing about the Pentagon, though is that you can't walk to it... there's no sidewalks around it. Also, you can't Metro to it... because the metro lets you off at this path that only lets you get back onto the Metro or else be confronted by armed guards.

The Pentagon is creepy.

(this post would have been accompanied by a stealthy photo, but I thought that I might get tackled if I did.)