RPTE 30: Case of the Saddies.

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 19: Travel

Once again I am sitting at the Starbucks at the international airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The majority of our group made our way out to the airport early this morning at 3am. We've already said good-bye to Erin, and although I am on a different flight than the rest of the group here, I was thinking we'd all flight out the same time (we have the same departure time). But... I just found out their flight is delayed for three hours. Somehow they're going to need make their connecting flight to Taiwan, then each of their respective flights to their homes.

Yikes. Shoot them some prayers that they make it home safely and won't have to come home late or miss their flights!

p.s. (my flight's still on time and I'll be leaving thailand in two hours!)