I am most certainly in love with coffee shops. Give me a indie shop or a trendy one, I'm hooked. There's something about being surrounded by strangers that I love. I sit here at my window seat, trying to work vigorously, staring at pedestrians wander around as I wait for pictures to load or export. As I mentioned in the wee hours of this morning, my lightroom catalog crashed so I've started from scratch. But as I type this post, I'm waiting for my pictures in my catalog to load.

It seems as if my life attracts bad luck with electronics. It turns out I've corrupted this new catalog as well. Thank goodness I've been backing up my work every half hour and creating multiple copies of my catalog to ensure I won't have to start from scratch again. Yikes! Perhaps it's this pirated version of lightroom. Maybe this is my fault for having a pirated version. (Btw.. this is the only pirated software on my computer... and trust me I have tons of applications--all that I've bought).

Anyways... so bad to my addiction. As much as I love going to coffee shops, I don't drink coffee. :) My staple drink is apple cider. Yum! Second is a chai latte (even though it makes me gassy. hahah) If the shop doesn't have any of those I will definitely enjoy a tasty hot tea. Life is good.

Here's some pictures from my coffee shop extravaganza today.

I looked down at my freezing self and liked how my scarf peaked out of my coat while I was sitting down.

Then I realized, "Hey, I really like this scarf!"

This is what I've been staring at for the past five hours. I love it here.

p.s. I saw a man with the raddest mustache today. He drove the bus and was super friendly to me. I love friendly, non-creepy strangers. It looked like this one... but fuller and black (not neon yellow). picture from here