Missed deadline + redoing a week's worth of work = sadness. Right now I'm currently loading 3,500+ pictures into a new lightroom catalog. At about 9pm my lightroom crashed on me. The catalog is completely corrupted which means a week's worth of work is gone. I'm super bummed as I'll have to haul butt to finish it all tomorrow. I suppose this is what I get for running my catalog off my external and forgetting to reset my settings to automatically back up my work. poop.

I don't really mind redoing the work, but I'm super bummed that 1. I missed my deadline and causing stress to Junshien, who I edit for 2. the clients will have to wait longer for their pictures 3. I feel like I've failed because I missed my deadline.

Wish me luck.. I'm not going to be sleeping!.... but I get to see the sunrise which I love.