This upcoming three day weekend is filled with three holidays... only one am I interested in. Chinese New Year!!! Woot. Valentine's Day and President's Day can be forgotten. I love Chinese New Year because.... - It's a time to hang out with fams and eat lots of food - The SF Chinese New Year Parade is super fun - There is and endless supply of oranges to eat (because it's customary to give a bunch of oranges when you see someone). - I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't happy about getting money. This is the holiday where it's wonderful to be single... All the married people have to give all the single people money.

I'll be in Peru this year, but I'll ring in the New Year in South America.  When I return home, my family and BIG extended family are going to have a big Chinese style banquet to celebrate the opening of the new year!

Oh I love being Chinese.

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