I am a creature of routine.... sorta.

The more I travel, the more I have this packing thing down to a science.  I have little pods and bags that I know I need to fill.  Usually I pack for half the number of days I'm traveling... knowing I'll wash clothes or buy clothes. :)  I have my bag for toiletries I know I just need to fill.  A bag for journaling. :)  A bag for electronics.  A bag for cords.  A bag for cameras.  I just throw everything into it's respective bag and throw the bag into my suitcase (and in this case, a backpack.) When I have a flight, I try not to sleep the night before so I can pass out on the plane.  Like most nights before I fly, I am sitting here mostly packed, trying to unpack so I don't bring to much junk, and watching a movie.

Tonight's movie is one of my new faves and my inspiration to blog. Julie and Julia.

Well... I am off to the airport to go to Peru in four hours!