Peru 7: Pisac!

Peru Day 3: Sacred Valley We finally arrived in Pisac for the first stop of our Sacred Valley tour.  Although the guide spoke English, the group consisted of both english and spanish speakers.  At every stop he spoke first in Spanish, then in English.  I was unaware that he would be doing that, so after he would give his explanations and descriptions in Spanish, I would just walk away with the spanish speakers, unknowing that he was speaking to the english-speakers.  Oh well!  So I don't know much about these Inca ruins in Pisac.  (You can see another tour group in the background.  It was an entirely english-speaking group.  I wish I was in that group.)

Here is some background that I did deduce....  Pisac is a city with Incan ruins up in the mountains (where we were).  Not very informative, I know.

Here are these locals that live up in the mountains.  The Inca Trail goes through these ruins.

When I booked this tour, I had no idea what this tour would entail.  I thought the tour would bus you around the Sacred Valley, and I would hop on and off to see the different historic sites.  I had no idea I would be hiking up and down mountains!  (I was wearing flip flops. yikes.  Thank goodness for the durability of Rainbow saving grace)

Here is the rare picture of me!

I don't know why, but the clouds I was seeing in Peru were breathtaking!

We made it!  The Inca Site of Pisac!!!

Women with the cowboy hats, carrying their babies on their back with the vibrantly colored cloths, were a common sight.

The biggest corn kernels I've ever seen.  Corn there tastes different.  The corn is very bland, but served with lots of salt and very, very, very salty cheese.