San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason is one of my favorite fairs up here in the Bay Area. I thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by crafters/artists and other fun (and often random) enthusiasts. Where else can you find such great handmade goods, all while gaining inspiration and encouragement for your own creative pursuits?

I meet such wonderful people whenever I go to renegade.. including Ben and Liz, a couple who I am elated to shoot soon! I came across Liz's booth and was convinced to buy one of her handmade rings to replace my rings (one from Cambodia and the other from Peru) with one of hers. And I've worn her ring since then. I also discovered my middle finger is a size six, my thumb is six and a quarter and my ring finger is a five and a quarter. Good to know!

Anyway, the Renegade Christmas Craft Fair is coming up Dec 18 & 19! Am so excited!

Peru 20: Cusco on my own

Day 10: Cusco, Peru I know I went to Peru back in February, but I never got to finish my recap on the trip.  Usually I'd just move on and blog about other stuff, but I really wanted to share this one experience.

It was my last day in Peru, and I was on my own.  My other travel buddies had gone to the airport for their flights.  I decided I'd explore Cusco.  While walking around I discovered a busy plaza and took a little break to sit, take pictures and read.  And here's who I met!

I wrote this after meeting him:

As I sat quietly reading my book, and old man sits next to me.  He was getting his shoes shined and was so kind and talkative.  The only problem: he only spoke English.  I pointed to my camera to ask him if I could take his picture.  He tries to talk to be, but I can't understand.  I take his picture, and soon he's done with his shoe shine.  He pulls money out of his pocket and looks at me, so I motion that he doesn't have to pay me.  He lets out a big chuckle and hands it to the man shining his shoes instead.  When the shoe shining man leaves, I give the old man my business card, and he says something to me.  I can't understand so he motions to me to stay.  He then proceeds to run off like a child who's just heard an ice cream truck.  Some time later he plops down next to me and hands me a book and a business card with his name and email on it.  The book was a Cusco tour book in Spanish.  As I look at the pictures, he explains it in Spanish.  We continue to look through the book... then he says good bye and grabs both my hands with his and tells me to keep the book.  :)

I love meeting people.  I love older people.



Peru 19: Back home to Cusco

Day 9: Cusco From the Amazon we arrived back in Cusco in the late afternoon. We managed to wander around and do some souvenir shopping... but first we had to eat at a tasty restaurant we had found. I must say that this particular meal was SUPER delicious. For an appetizer, I had an avocado smothered with a chicken/vegetable salad, and topped off with peruvian cheese. Delicious! For the main course I had potatoes, pickled vegetables and the most delicious fish.

This girl sold me finger puppets.  She definitely ripped me off, but she was so persistent and cute and could not resist her.  I told her I'd pay her the expensive price if she let me take her picture.  She, of course, obliged.  Isn't she absolutely ADORABLE???

Here's the main square/plaza in Cusco.

Here's the whole group with our travel agent.  You can't tell in this picture, but my face was very, very burned. haha.

Peru 18: Fishing we go!

Day 8: Amazon rain forest After our tour, lunch and monkey island, we went fishing.  Yes!  Fishing!  We used sticks with fishing line and a hook attached.  Our bait was beef.  Why beef?  ...because we were fishing for piranha!  I could feel the piranha biting on my bait and pulling on the line, but I was too slow and could never catch it.  Our guide caught one, which we then brought home and ate! Yum!

Peru 16: Care for a jungle cruise?

Day 8: Amazon rain forest. Our exploration of the Amazonian rain forest included two separate boat rides.  The first as shown in the picture below on the left through a river, the second ride shown on the picture below to the right through a lake.  In both rides our guide, Alex, had to bail out all the water that had accumulated in the boats from the rain.  For our first boat trip, all five us rowed up and down the river.  We then hiked to a lake, and seeing how some of the girls struggled with the rowing, Alex decided he'd row us through the lake by himself... that and there was only one oar.

I can't describe how breathtaking the rain forest is.  At every turn of the river, I felt as if we entered a new scene in an epic movie.