Peru 11: Almost there!

Peru Day 5: Puno! The bus ride was very long, so here is another picture of the drive. The odd discoloration, again, is from the tinting of the windows.

Part of our tour included a tasty buffet, but with my appetite, I only ate two thirds of the plate below. It was very good food. People keep asking me what Peruvian food is like, but I can't really describe it. It's not like Mexican food at all. Their diet consists of a lot of potato and rice for carbs, surprisingly a lot of fish (and of course beef and chicken. There isn't much pork.) There is ceviche and Chinese influences as well.

We stopped by the side of the road to check out that frozen mountain off in the distance, but I think it was just to give the locals opportunity to sell us lots of souvenirs.

We stopped at a museum that was pretty sad. There really wasn't much to look at, and for someone who doesn't speak spanish, pretty boring. At this point, I couldn't understand anything our tour guide was saying. The whole day he spoke both spanish and english, but spoke spanish first, which became problematic for me. I would tune him out when he spoke spanish, but with such a heavy accent, I couldn't tell when he started speaking english, so I would just continue to ignore him. I didn't learn that much on this tour except the Incans liked to keep the heads of their enemies... and I only learned that because there were so many statues of people holding heads of people.

We reached Puno, our final destination, at about 6pm when the sun was about to set. It looked more like a city than Cusco, but also more like an Oakland if Cusco was like a San Leandro. :) (Sorry if you're not from the Bay Area and don't understand the example.)