Peru 12: Titicaca

Peru Day 6: Lake Titicaca So I'm back to my long series of my Peruvian adventure.  Day 6 of my trip brought us to Lake Titicaca, which is the highest elevated, largest accessible lake in the world.  If you didn't understand what I just said, don't worry, I didn't get it either.  Everyone kept on tell me that's what Lake Titicaca was known for, and I would nod my head in agreement and smile.  When I returned home, I google it and discovered that Lake Titicaca is one of the highest commercially navigable lakes and also the largest lake in South America. (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

Our first stop on our boat tour was to the floating islands.  It reminded me a lot of the floating homes in Cambodia.

The mayor of this particular island showed us a demonstration of how the islands are made.  They made this cute little model in front of us.  I was caught off guard when they put these models out. It was hilarious.  I guess you had to be there.

These are the floating islands... (this is the view from the fish statue thing that I climbed)

After the floating islands, we were taken ashore, where we hiked up a very steep mountain to a local family's house, where they performed a little dance and made us this tasty meal. yum.

i love sheep!

I made a lot of friends on this boat tour.  Here's my Chilean friend!