Peru 15: Amazonian Adventure

Day 8: Amazon rain forest On this particular day, our guides took us deep into the rain forest.  It was raining the past few days, which meant the forest would be super jungle.  These rain-boots because our savior from mud, puddles and slipping.  By the end of the trip, our boots were covered in mud (and even some of our pants).  The boots were super comfortable.

Some trails were so muddy that planks were laid out for us to walk on.  Just for a frame of reference, these trails were made three months prior and much of the raised paths had been worn down... that's how much it was raining!

The trees shown below were fascinating.  The tree on the right was very hollow and large.  Locals would hit the tree to communicate with each other from different parts of the rain forest.  The thumping noise that hitting the tree would make could be heard super far away.  The tree shown below on the right is actually trees, with one attaching itself to the other.

This is a walking tree.  It literally walked.  Over the course of it's lifetime it could move yards away from it's original spot.  Those long branch looking things are actually the tree's roots.  Where the roots meet is the base of the tree.

Shown below is our guide making a spear out of thorns from a tree wrapped around the end of a branch with a vine.  He said they still use these things for fishing.  He also said he was good at fishing with this spear.

Below is a frog's butt.  They call this frog "Monster Frog" because when this little frog is scared it shows it's predators its butt (which looks like a monster or bigger creature).

Finally, this is a termite's nest. Huge, huh?  Note: if you cover your self in termites then smoosh and rub them all over yourself, it works as a bug repellant.