Peru 19: Back home to Cusco

Day 9: Cusco From the Amazon we arrived back in Cusco in the late afternoon. We managed to wander around and do some souvenir shopping... but first we had to eat at a tasty restaurant we had found. I must say that this particular meal was SUPER delicious. For an appetizer, I had an avocado smothered with a chicken/vegetable salad, and topped off with peruvian cheese. Delicious! For the main course I had potatoes, pickled vegetables and the most delicious fish.

This girl sold me finger puppets.  She definitely ripped me off, but she was so persistent and cute and could not resist her.  I told her I'd pay her the expensive price if she let me take her picture.  She, of course, obliged.  Isn't she absolutely ADORABLE???

Here's the main square/plaza in Cusco.

Here's the whole group with our travel agent.  You can't tell in this picture, but my face was very, very burned. haha.