I'll be posting another entry about Haiti later tonight, but for now I will continue will a new photo series called "Strangers".

I meet so many people with interesting stories, I thought I'd document parts of their stories and get the courage to start asking them to take their picture. .

Last night I attended the second A's baseball game of the season!  I arrived at the Coliseum, promptly at 6pm for the 7pm game.  I took my time walking to the spot where I would be meeting my friends, enjoying the fresh crispness in the air and proudly wearing my green and gold jersey.  I got to the spot and waited and waited..... and waited.  I watched other waiting patrons leave one by one as their groups of friends started to arrive; I was the last one there waiting for friends.  After an hour of waiting, a security guard named Angelo came to talk to me.

He was a cheery man, who had been a security guard at the A's games for more than 15 years.  His "beat" was sections 105-116.  We reminisced about past players, old crowds and when the A's used to be good.  We shared stories about our similar love for fireworks and free-jersey games.  He attributed his divorce to his love of baseball and his ex-wife's lack of interest.  (I chuckled to myself as he told me his story, wondering if I would meet a man who did not like going to baseball games and if that would be a deal-breaker for me. )  He asked me about high school, then college, then realized I wasn't high school or college aged.  Then he moved on to asking me if I had children or if I was married, and when I said no to both, he remarked that I was too beautiful to be single and joked that maybe he could find me an A's player to be my boyfriend.  To that I quickly said, "Yes! Please!"  (I choose Justin Duchscherer.  He's a stud.)

Before he had to go back to patrolling, he told me that if I my friends didn't come by the third inning (it was already the bottom of the first) he'd let me in to sit field level for free!  Also, he told me he gets free tickets all the time so to look for him in his section and he'd give them to me.  Yay!

Unfortunately my friends did show up, and I didn't ended up sitting field level.  Nuts!  All in all, it was nice to talk to someone normal while I waited.  (Normal being the key word, as a good handful of drunk men were hitting on me while I was waiting. Yikes!)