If you've ever read my blog or talked to me, it's obvious that I have an obsession with travel, but what many would not realize is that my obsession with travel exists with my other obsessions of public transportation and coffee shops. On this particular day, public transportation consisted of a combination of walking + ac transit (bus) + bart (subway/train) + muni (bus).  In order to meet my friend, I took a wonderfully glorious 1.5 hour public transportation adventure to her house in the Richmond District in San Francisco.  With my Canon 30D and 50mm in hand, I kept an eye out for the little nuances of riding public transit... like the bright red emergency lever I'm always tempted to pull or the asian who always finds me and sits next to me even though there's an abundance of empty seats  or the number of strangers headed to the same destination or the overlooked, cute signs/graphics.  Public transportation relaxes me and reminds me to enjoy life.

After meeting up at a cute cafe with my friend, she went to class, and I went in search of a coffee shop.  I found a charming shop with free wifi and a plethora of people to stare at. I was in heaven.