Peru 20: Cusco on my own

Day 10: Cusco, Peru I know I went to Peru back in February, but I never got to finish my recap on the trip.  Usually I'd just move on and blog about other stuff, but I really wanted to share this one experience.

It was my last day in Peru, and I was on my own.  My other travel buddies had gone to the airport for their flights.  I decided I'd explore Cusco.  While walking around I discovered a busy plaza and took a little break to sit, take pictures and read.  And here's who I met!

I wrote this after meeting him:

As I sat quietly reading my book, and old man sits next to me.  He was getting his shoes shined and was so kind and talkative.  The only problem: he only spoke English.  I pointed to my camera to ask him if I could take his picture.  He tries to talk to be, but I can't understand.  I take his picture, and soon he's done with his shoe shine.  He pulls money out of his pocket and looks at me, so I motion that he doesn't have to pay me.  He lets out a big chuckle and hands it to the man shining his shoes instead.  When the shoe shining man leaves, I give the old man my business card, and he says something to me.  I can't understand so he motions to me to stay.  He then proceeds to run off like a child who's just heard an ice cream truck.  Some time later he plops down next to me and hands me a book and a business card with his name and email on it.  The book was a Cusco tour book in Spanish.  As I look at the pictures, he explains it in Spanish.  We continue to look through the book... then he says good bye and grabs both my hands with his and tells me to keep the book.  :)

I love meeting people.  I love older people.