Sweet Morning Fog

For a long time I've been traveling. I mentioned before that I cannot stay awake on airplanes if my life depended on it. Because I get motion sickness and sometimes the only way I could avoid it on a flight was sleeping, I would purposely stay awake the night before so I could be exhausted on my flight. Nowadays, it's not necessary for me to stay up the night before. The moment I sit in my seat, I sink into my sleeping slump position. I'm usually asleep before the plane takes off.

However, if am leaving in the morning as the sun rises, I channel my inner night owl and stay awake for the take off to witness below.... There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sun rise, then as you climb through the air, you see it disappear below you, blanketed by a thick fog. The light above the fog, above the sun rise is the most breathtaking thing.

Before I started to travel, my pilot friends used describe in exhausting detail what gorgeous things they'd experience.  Having never flown, I couldn't understand their deep appreciation for flying.  But now I do.

If I could live every morning above this hazy fog of light and color, I'd experience each day with wonder and serenity.


do you spy the southwest plane above?  :)