Beauty + Love

Sometimes when I ask friends if I can photograph them, they tell me they don't like how they look in pictures.  My response: "I'm so good at what I do, I'll make you look good!"  Of course I say that jokingly; I think a truly talented photographer can make anyone look pretty awesome (I'm not that photographer, yet).  But it got me thinking... I'm so thankful that all my friends and clients are so beautiful!  It makes it easier to capture a gorgeous shot. On my two most recent jobs, Krystle + Greg and Rebekah + Andrew went above and beyond beauty...  Love was such an evident emotion on each of the shoots.  It was the kind of love that made me smile from ear to ear.  I witnessed so many sweet, tender moments it made my single-woman-stomach gag.  haha. Just kidding.. But there were many sweet, tender moments.  I'm smiling now just thinking about how much love has overtaken these two couples.

I can only hope that when I'm with my man-friend-for-life that we had our own goofy, sweet love these couples have.