letter to crushes.

Another precious letter to a crush from letter to crushes.  These make my heart melt

I suck at displaying my emotions with you. I do. And I hate it.

So here. (I’ll work on the in person thing.)

You know when you have a really really great dream, and you’re super happy, and then you kinda wake up halfway, and drift back off to sleep, hoping to keep the dream? You know the feeling when you get that awesome dream back immediately and continue with it? Yeah. That feeling.

When you have to take a walk, run or bike ride somewhere and the sun is shining, and it’s warm, but not too hot, and the grass is really green and the bees are buzzing? That happiness.

When it’s a cool night, and there is a huge storm brewing outside, and thunder clangs, and you snuggle deep down in the warm covers? That safeness.

When you’re in a crowded place, and you smile at a little kid, and their face lights up and they get a huge grin? THAT.

That is how you make me feel.