august adventure 3: vikings + red hawks?

Dance of a Nomad: Day 3, Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota This day was mostly all play and no work. Katie took me to the Hjemkomst Museum in Moorhead, Minnesota to see a collection of Ellis Island Portraits on exhibition. It was really a pretty rad little museum. I had no idea there were so much Norwegian and Viking culture in this area. I wondered why they would travel all the way out here to the middle of the country. It would be a long journey indeed. At the museum was a full-sized viking ship replica (that actually traveled to Norway from Minnesota by water) and a traditional stave church, very exciting for the architect in me.

Following our exploration of viking culture, Katie took me on a mini road trip/tour of the surrounding area. We did, however, take a detour to go to CVS Pharmacy so I could buy redbull and floss. (Sidenote: When I travel domestically sometimes I worry I'll forget something I need at home, but they I have to remind myself that I'll still be in the states and can pick up any necessity, such as floss.)

Finally, we arrived at North Dakota State University to see a Red Hawks game! I didn't know it, but Fargo has a minor league baseball team. So I was very exciting to see a game while I was out there. The Red Hawks had been the leader in their division, but a loss that night put them in second place. Poop. They played pretty poorly that night, so I entertained myself with staring at the Red Hawks catcher, Alan Rick, who is such a stud. Later, I was pleasantly surprised by a show of fireworks. I love fireworks.